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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Estatein’s services, property listings, and the real estate process. We’re here to provide clarity and assist you every step of the way.

1. Where can I find PG in Chandigarh with Food?

Pgforyou is the most suitable platform for finding the perfect PGs in Chandigarh with food. We list the paying guest options on the basis of location, PG Type, Budget, Gender, and Occupancy Type. We even provide an intensive 360 Virtual tour to help you decide better.

2. How can I search for PG in Chandigarh on Pgforyou Website?

To search your perfect PG in Chandigarh on Pgforyou website, you need to choose your preferred Sector, Gender, and Category. Tap on the Search PG button and all the options that suit the entered parameters will appear before you. 

3. Does Pgforyou verify the PG Owners that are listed on the site?

Yes, Pgforyou cares for your safety and does all the work for you in advance. We verify the owners and their properties to ensure that all the listings are real.

4. Why should I prefer Pgforyou over other PG Finders in Chandigarh?

Pgforyou is a very user-friendly website that is carefully constructed to cater to the needs of students. We recognise the prime objectives and requirements of the students and accordingly suggest the best suitable property options.

5. How do I book a PG on Pgforyou Website?

In order to book your place in a PG through the Pgforyou website, all you need to do is just select the property. Note down the specific ID of the the property and give us a call at +91 8283023004 or write us at

6. Can I find a budget friendly PG in Chandigarh with food on Pgforyou?

PGs in Chandigarh do not always dig a hole in your pockets and we ensure that. We have maintained complete transparency in terms of monthly rent. Students can easily check the PGs and their starting monthly requirements in terms of money in the Details section. Thus, according to your budget, you can easily find a budget friendly PG in Chandigarh with food on PG For You.

7. How does PG for you help in finding the perfect PG for me?

Pgforyou lists the PGs on the basis of parameters like location, gender, occupancy, and category. You can not only check varied pictures of the paying guest options but also get a 360 degree virtual tour. Moreover, to understand the locality and the neighbourhood better, you can check the restaurants, cafes and bars, and fitness options that are available near the PG. We also provide the list of specifications such as internet, food, snacks, tea, in-time, restrictions, geyser, ACs, room cleaning, and other facilities, subject to availability.