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Join the next trend in the PG sector!

  • Reduced dependency on brokers to save your commissions.
  • Never let even a single bed in your PG vacant to avoid losses.
  • Convenient platform for customers to find and book your PG. 

We believe in making your PG business automated just like hotels.


Know what we'll do and how we'll do it

Stress free Income

  • From receiving timely fees to extra customer support, everything will be taken care of. 

Beat your Competition

  • Premium marketing and branding will be done specially for you to outshine your PG amongst the rest.

Higher profits

  • Eliminating huge broker commissions, with leaving no seat vacant in all of your PGs.

Pgforyou gives you top‑to‑bottom protection

Pgforyou Competitors

Competitive marketing and impactful branding is all its going to make the word of mouth of your property stronger.

Pgforyou Competitors

Maximum occupancy with minimal commissions like never before and only increasing profits.

Pgforyou Competitors

Consider your income from your property like a pension. Be care free of everything, from finances to the customer care.

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