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PGFORYOU: Naye Shahar Mein PG Ki Khoj Mein Aapka Hamsafar!


Dusre sheher mai coaching institute ya college toh decide ho gaya, magar ab rahenge kaha? PG hi  dhundhna padhega. Magar dhundhenge kese?

• You’ll ask your friends and family, shayad kisi ko koi PG ka pata ho? 

• Online check kar lete hain! But itni fake photos and information hai ki trust hi nhi build hoga. • Aur Broker toh jeb khaali hi karva dega. 

Toh haarke khud hi TO-LET board signs dhundh kar call kar lete hai. 

Does these questions come to your mind while finding a PG? Is it too stressful and tiring? 

But what if we say that there is a platform that exists which will help you to see a bigger picture of a pg  room by room. A transparent process which shows the reality through:- 

• Personally clicked Real photos. (Not 5 years ago, but very recent when the other tenants are  already living in it). 

• Accurate information. (Which you would otherwise ask pg owners on call) 

• And 360 Virtual tour of every pg listed on the website. ( Isn’t it better to visit 10 pgs in 10 min.?  Won’t it save your time?) 

Humein pata hai ki dusre sheher mai pg dhundhna kitna sar dardi ka kaam hai.  

Plus, if you make a bad decision in shifting in a bad pg because you just can’t keep on exploring the pgs  on your own. Then you have to through the whole cycle again. Because who wants to keep on shifting  from pg to pg with all their luggage. 

So, we at pgforyou wants to make this process easy for you. 

Get the best viewing experience of finding a pg on our website. Select, call and get more details such as  PG owner’s contact and google map location of the selected pg. 

Ek baar try karke toh dekho.  

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